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Welcome to Pest Control Services in Chennai!


Pest Control Services – Ouch..….Invisible germs, cockroach, ants, mosquitos, flies, termites! Ever wondered the type of the asset and health damage pests do to your life? Scientists say that most of the general diseases are caused due to pests in some form or other inside kitchen and other rooms.


Pest Control services chennai offers solutions to the above through effective pest management solution. Our solutions are guided by permanent and long term solutions than knee jerk and short term measures. With unique solutions for the home keeper and the corporate facilities team, we render effective services to our clients. Providing detailed information to our customers about our services Employing only highly trained employees Offering a clear, easy-to-understand warranty and with service agreement


A pest inspection can be extremely important to identify any pest activity, to stay away from diseases


Correct identification of the pest, makes controlling it easier, cost effective and risk free to people and environment.


Pest management plans are valuable tools that can help you to fulfil the general biosecurity obligation.


We will custom tailor your premises for the treatment to match your pest-control needs and your safety.


We offer the full spectrum of services to support our customers stay healthy . Our services include Everything from creating standards of excellence to training. our services offer experienced and comprehensive support for a wide range of pest control problems and we can help you to stay healthy from pest spreading diseases


Termite Control Service

We have very rich industry experience and are engaged in offering highly effective Termite Treatment Services. Latest equipment and pesticides are utilized to offer these services. While these services are offered, there is no need to vacate the premises.


Cockroach Control Service

Cockroaches prefer to live where there is food, warmth and moisture. Since cockroaches flourish where food and moisture are readily available, sanitation is an important step in prevention and control. Empty soft drink bottles, cardboard boxes and paper bags should not be allowed to accumulate. Food containers should be sealed and any crumbs or spillage cleaned up.


Home Care Service

Home care service is a supportive care provided in our organisation by licensed professionals who provide hi care treatment with assistance to ensure the control against pests like Ants, silverfish, centipedes and millipedes with odourless technology.


Mosquito Control Service

We provide quality approved Mosquito Control Treatment to our clients at competitive prices. These pest control services are successfully carried out under the guidance of expert professionals using clinically proven and environment friendly chemical sprays.


Rodent Control Service

We are a unique entity in the industry, actively committed towards offering an optimum quality Rodent Control Services. Our experienced professionals use the insecticides which are in the foam of gel or powder. We render these services as per our clients’ requirements in order to get of mice, rats or other similar insects.


Bed bug Control Service

Bed bugs are parasitic insects of the cimicid family that feed exclusively on blood. Cimex lectularius, the common bed bug, is the best known as it prefers to feed on human blood. … They usually feed on their hosts without being noticed.