Cockroach Control Service

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Principally it is a scavenger but contaminate food and storing cabinet.
Roachy odour is obnoxious and allergic.
It is a passive transporter of harmful microbes.
cause allergic reaction in humans ( The allergic protein cockroaches dispense is linked to asthma ).
Live in moist areas having access to water.
Prefer warm temperature; not tolerate cold temperature.
Live in basements, sewers, kitchen, near dish washers, stove, sinks, bath room etc.
Common in crawl space, cracks, crevices of porch, foundations etc.
They always found adjacent to buildings.

The most persistent household cockroach is the German Cockroach which is more resistant to insecticides and capable of resurgence in a short time.

This needs more efforts in their management and may demand a professionals help for managing them.

We use least toxic bait formulation for cockroach control that does not need any specific efforts for avoiding contamination.