Bedbug Control Service

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Bedbugs are a nuisance as they cause sleepless nights. Human agency is the principle cause for their spread. They mainly hide in cracks & crevices, Stitch-seams, collar folds etc., and go unnoticed. They are difficult to be controlled because of their ability to survive starvation over one year or more, development of resistance to insecticides, lack of ovicidal action of many insecticides and inadequate control efforts. Bug bites are often clustered in a circle or occur in threes.

Where to look for bedbugs ?

They hide in dark, dry places in beds, mattresses, cracks in wall and floor, cracks in furniture, behind wall hangings, ceilings and walls Feeding by bugs.

Feed mostly on human hosts
Also feeds on mice, rats, chicken, pet animals etc.
Co2 and warmth attract them.
Feeding takes 10 – 15 mts. ; repeated every 3 – 7 days.
Adults can survive with out food for over an year.

Our company adopts integrated bug control measures to eliminate existing population and to kill the left over eggs without much chance for resurgence.