Rodent Control Service

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Commensal Rodents are problem in a house. Which are difficult to control as their migratory potential is great.

Rodents damage food grains in all stages.
Contaminate large quantity of food and grain.
Damage wood structures, buildings and other valuables.
They also damage sophisticated electronic gadgets and electrical lines. Fires caused by shot circuits due to rate damage are not uncommon.
contaminate pathogens of dreaded diseases like Salmonellosis (food poisoning), Leptospirosis and Rodent bite fever.
Highly adaptable to existing situation; needs very little space and small quantity of food.
Capable of surviving in any condition.

Three commensal rats are :

The house mouse, Mus musculus
The Norway rat, Rattus norvagicus
The Roof rat, Rattus.

Rodent control Service is a specialized job needing identifying the rat involved, locating live burrows, population involved and their home range potential etc.,

RCS, ( Rodent Control Services ) is a good approach. The organization follows RCS for ensuring sustainability of control. The approach consist of use of different trap system such as Glue pad, Snap traps etc., Poison baits, Rat proofing and other methods.