Termite Control Service

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Termites are either soil dwelling or wood dwelling forms. Subterranean forms needs contact with soil and water for their survival. Subterranean form don’t have fully developed eyes. Wood dwelling termites are not requires soil contact and water. Their eyes are well developed,

Termites are important as they are capable of damaging anything that contains cellulose like wood structures, papers, books, clothing etc., their damage is more often go un noticed as they live below soil or wood.

We undertake termite management in two stages, one at the time of construction of a house as a preventive venture and the other as a curative measure in already constructed houses. We use IS 6313 Standards in our operation ensuring safety of personals, buildings, and operators. We always use govt. approved chemicals. The chemicals are odorless and long persisting besides their capacity to diffuse fast latterly and vertically within soil. Underground water sources are not contaminated.